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How To Unblock A Toilet Quickly

In our post today we will be discussing How To Unblock A Toilet Quickly

How to unblock a toilet quicklyA clogged up toilet at home can occur at any time. And using too much toilet paper is usually the main cause of a blockage. The paper absorbs more water. And that makes it more difficult to get a quick flush down the waste pipe.

Sometimes it may take two good flushes to clear the contents away. It’s also quite common for newspaper… baby wipes.. old cloths and even small kids toys to get stuck down there.

These items continue to be found by plumbers when they are called out to residential properties to unblock a toilet.

Please do not use any of those items listed above and try to flush them down the waste pipe. Especially newspaper or cloths. Because they can clog up your home plumbing system.

It can get expensive for you with plumber call-out charges. The plumber will have to find out exactly where the blockage is in the system. And then remove that obstacle completely… before you can use the toilet again.

It takes time… and the plumber will bill you for his time.

But there are many quick methods that you can use yourself… to get a toilet flushing properly again? Using a high-quality toilet plunger like this one can help you do that.

It’s a Power Plunger that works. It’s Effective..  Easy To Use…. and Affordable

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It uses a bellows action to help clear blocked up toilets. The tool has been designed to work on most toilet types in use today. It will work on Low Flow, Square Bottom & Elongated design toilets. So this plunger tool will probably get to work on your’s to.

Possibly… even if it is one of those fancy ones.

It has been designed with a purpose in mind..  To unclog a toilet pipe or toilet U-bend. Using this tool gives the user up to 8 TIMES THE POWER of a standard low quality plunger. Other tools that people are using today, are maybe not as powerful, in comparison… to this one.

How To Unblock A Toilet Quickly

Method 1: How To Use The Luigi Plunger

The Luigi Power Plunger is a beast of a tool. It has a unique design. And works by using a vacuum and powerful suction process. Designed to force water and air down into the toilet pipe and past the U-bend. And it is so easy to use… it’s a no brainer

  • Hold the tool and point the end nozzle down right into the toilet basin
  • Give the handle a push down with force… deliver a blast of air into the blockage
  • Slowly pull back on the handle… keeping the nozzle end in the water
  • Push down again for a second time… giving another surge of water and air
  • Repeat the procedure again until the toilet pipe and S-bend is clear and unblocked

If it has worked then that is great…  because it means the toilet is now working properly again and water is flowing. The Luigi Plunger Tool has a long list of happy customer’s raving about how effective it is. User’s are leaving great reviews and many are happy to have a standby product at home ready to use again.

There are customer’s who have also purchased the tool… used it as instructed by the manufacturer.. and it has not worked for them. Reason unknown? Maybe there was a more solid obstruction stuck in the back pipe. As is usually the case.

Like a child’s toy, for example. Possibly trapped further down in the pipe.. way past the U-bend. Where it is much harder to reach. Or maybe a large pile of soggy toilet paper or discarded wet wipes that have built up over time.

Method 2: Toilet Auger 


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How To Unblock A Toilet
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Also stuck fast in the pipe. These are the main reasons why toilets block up, and water stops flushing.

And the good news is… there is a solution to this. By using an effective toilet auger. A tool that is easy to use and effective… it will reach further into toilet, beyond the U-bend. And retrieve or grab whatever it is that’s blocking up the pipe.

How To Unblock A Toilet Quickly

Method 3: Flexible Tube / Hosepipe 

Another usable solution is by using a length of flexible plastic tubing or hose-pipe. Which is also freely available. This can be a very useful method to help unclog a blocked pipe. The tubing or hose-pipe must be at least a metre in length to get past the S-bend.

unblock a toilet

Flexible tubing is a safe material to use. And will not damage your toilet in any way. And it will help to push through some of the obstacles that are likely to block up a toilet pipe. Except, of course, a small kids toy, wet cloths or even soggy newspaper that could be stuck in the back pipe.

In an area where they can’t be seen or reached. Those items will have to be removed as soon as possible. Especially if they are blocking up the pipe completely. And this is when a toilet auger tool comes in handy… like we mentioned earlier.

The auger tool is one of the most effective products being used today. To help bring trapped waste material or objects back into the toilet basin. Where they can be collected and then disposed of immediately.

Resource – Best Toilet Unblockers….

Method 4: Black Bag / Bin Liner

Up to this point, we have discussed some of the best methods you can use. They are all effective. Everyone uses them… because they get the job done. So our next method uses a thick black bag or bin liner. Your arm is going to be tucked inside the bag..  and it is protected.

By using this technique…. you can now have a feel around inside the toilet basin. And further into the S-bend. And if there is an object that’s caught in the pipe… you can remove it.

Granted.. this is an easy method to use. But most people will simply not do it. Because it’s messy. And it stinks… But we wanted to mention it anyway.

Our next few methods, listed below… and further down the page, show you how to cure a clogged up pipe. If you don’t have a plunger to use..  no worries. Check out the video below. It’s a method that works a treat to help you unblock a toilet fast.

How To Unblock A Toilet

Using A Flexible Tube

Using a toilet auger is also a successful method for how to unblock a toilet pipe safely. And be able to do it in a quick time. The tool has been used by thousands of people, for years..  and continues to be used to this day.

So don’t be afraid to use one to help you unblock a shower drain at home.

Method 5: Using Chemicals

Also using chemicals to unblock a toilet at home is another option that you can use, if needed.

Again, this can be a useful method to use to free-up your home plumbing system. And help remove an annoying toilet blockage. Please read the instructions on the label of the product. Before using any chemicals and always aim for a well–ventilated room. With fresh air circulating constantly.

Essentially, please wear a face mask to prevent breathing in any chemical vapours. These vapours usually occur almost as soon as the chemical product begins to interact with the contents in the toilet basin. Also, wear a pair of clean gloves for your hand protection.

It’s very important that you follow these instructions for your own health and safety when using chemicals. Eye protection must also be used to avoid any water splashes into the eyes. Especially when using the black bin liner method or when using chemicals manufactured for toilet blockages.

If you have tried the methods we have listed above, and you still can’t flush your toilet, then you will have to do a Drain Block Survey. Simply because you must find out exactly what is causing the blockage, that’s affecting you.

Firstly, check the drains outside your house or property. Find the nearest one to you and if possible lift up the cover. If the drain chamber is empty then that’s OK… because that means the real blockage is much closer to the toilet.

How To Unblock A Toilet

Method 6: Drain Cleaning

Probably theHow to unblock a toilet quicklyre is a blockage in the back pipe and your toilet is out of order. But if the drain outside the property is blocked with water and other waste material, and it’s going nowhere, it will need unclogging as soon as possible.

If you have a good quality 5 star drain unblocker or a set of drain rods you can always do the work yourself.

Or maybe you have a friend who can lend you the necessary tools. A friend perhaps who has some drain-cleaning equipment. This will save you a small fortune on plumber call-out charges in the long term. Because drains have a habit of blocking up again and again.

With a buildup of waste material such as baby wipes, toilet paper and cloths over time. Top quality drain unblockers are always available to buy online… and in your local hardware or D.I.Y store.

It’s no secret that online retailer Amazon has the largest selection of top quality products for unblocking pipes. Some of the best tools available to buy today. All of them designed and manufactured to help you deal with a blocked drain, a clogged up pipe… or a toilet that’s out of action.

Videos & Information 

The easy method we share in the first video demonstration above uses only a strong flexible plastic tube or pipe. It’s about 3 feet in length and up to an inch in diameter. Using this technique is a quick way to unblock a toilet without a plunger. It is super easy to unclog a toilet this way. Watch the first video if you like… see for yourself… be amazed !!!

It works practically every time provided there is no serious blockage in the U-bend before the down pipe. A strong flexible tube has a very good chance of breaking through a blockage. To help unclog a toilet quickly without splashing water around the toilet base.

But we do advise you to use some newspaper or cloth around the base of the toilet. Just to help minimize any water from over spilling.

How To Unblock A Toilet

Method 7: Standard Plunger

Have a clean pair of gloves ready and a small bucket or bowl for scooping out water if necessary. All the methods we have described on this page are proven to work. And are more reliable than trying to unblock a toilet with a coat hanger.

We are more than confident that one or all of these methods listed will work for you. They are proven to work. And will get your toilet system back to normal service as quickly as possible.

So that you don’t have to call out your local plumber, in a hurry. Because they can be quite expensive, you know. It really is not that difficult to unclog a toilet pipe.

Today.. you can purchase online of the best tools for unblocking toilets that’s currently available…

They are there to help us make the task easier, and quicker. Whether you decide to have a go yourself.. or hand it over to a local plumber, is entirely your choice.

How To Unclog A Toilet

Getting your toilet unclogged and working again is a job that just has to be done. It’s even more urgent if you are living in a house which only has one working toilet. What happens if you are living in a property with multiple occupants and the toilet there is not working?

If you can’t unblock a toilet quickly in a situation like that, then a phone call to your local plumber, becomes an urgent one !!! Wouldn’t you say?

The tools and products we have listed and talked about on this page… are proven to work. Many of them tried and tested for years. You can’t argue with all the real life product reviews and data… from so many genuine customer’s who have bought into these products and the tools… and successfully used them to solve a problem they had.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site and read our page. I hope the information we have provided has been of help to you in some way. Feel free to leave a comment below or contact us just to let us know if any of the methods above have been of help in showing you “How To Unblock A Toilet Quickly” !!!


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