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Tools For Unblocking Toilets… Fast


Welcome… this page is about the best Tools For Unblocking Toilets…

We will be showing you some of the best tools you can use today, to unclog a standard toilet.

These tools we have listed, can be used safely in the home, or in the workplace. You have probably noticed that there are many different tools and products you can use to unblock toilets and pipes.

There is a very simple reason for that? Most of these tools do work… when used properly

Toilets can so easily become blocked, just by using too much toilet paper before you flush. Or by simply dropping wet wipes, or small objects into the toilet can easily clog up the waste pipe, and stop water from flowing.

Even newspaper in small amounts can create problems for pipes and toilets. And plumber’s to, when they are called out to deal with those problems.

Those are just three of the most popular reasons why a toilet can get clogged up… and quickly put out of action.

And the good news is… we are going to show you now the best tools you can use today. To unclog any toilet blockage. Whether in your home or in the place you work….

Best Tools For Unblocking Toilets

Luigi Toilet Plunger

Tools For Unblocking ToiletsOur first choice is the Luigi Toilet Plunger – It’s big, bad and powerful. That’s what the manufacturer’s are saying about this product. This toilet plunger tool is a beast… We are so impressed by this tool, that we had to list it as one of our top tool choices.

It’s a top choice on Amazon for very good reason. It work’s quickly to unclog a toilet pipe. Can be used safely in your home or in the workplace. This product gets results in a very short period of time. A couple of minutes or less to be exact…

You probably won’t find a better product or plunger for unblocking toilets, than this one… It’s versatile… it’s effective.. and it’s QUICK !!!

Click here to buy the Luigi Toilet Plunger on Amazon and get super-fast delivery…. 

Much faster results are achieved with this power plunger... compared to other brands on the market.

How To Use The Luigi Toilet Plunger?

To use this tool effectively, place the plunger right into the toilet hole and begin using it to achieve a seal… If your toilet has an overflow hole cover it with a small cloth etc.

After achieving a seal, you simply begin pushing up and down, with a plunging action to forcibly remove any obstacle trapped in the back-pipe. This will only require about 20 or 30 seconds of your time for quick results. The diagram below shows how this product works in action…

Using this is much quicker and less messy than having to use a toilet snake….

It really is a beast of a tool to use at home or in the workplace, for unblocking toilets and toilet pipes safely.

Tools For Unblocking Toilets

Click here to buy this Luigi Toilet Plunger on Amazon…. 

This easy to use plunger is designed to be used on kitchen sinks, shower drains or bathroom sink plugholes.

It’s chief purpose is to help you to unblock a toilet and do it with the minimum of fuss and little to no mess. If that sounds good to you, then having this tool as a powerful backup is a no-brainer.

It works effectively on many different designs of toilets such as low flow, square bottom and most standard designed toilets in use today.

Develops 8x more compressed air to work with compared to less inferior products… it gets further into the u-bend of the toilet, and that’s where the power of this tool is really noticed. As you apply force you can really feel it working to release anything that’s trapped in the pipe that you can’t see.

This product is also easy to clean and store away, until it becomes necessary to use it again. After using this tool simply add some bleach to the inside of the toilet and plunge the tool in there as you flush with clean water. Leave to dry off and store safely away in a storage cupboard.

Tools For Unblocking Toilets

Customer Opinion:

Reading the many customer reviews on Amazon you will see that the Luigi Toilet Plunger is extremely popular. At the time of writing this post there was 4,244 customer reviews with 80% of user’s rating this 5 stars…

There are only 5% one-star customer reviews.

Most of the top reviews come in at 4 and 5 stars and this elevates the plunger tool into Amazon’s Top Choice and in the current bestseller list.

One customer said “Thank You” to the inventor of this amazing tool… and another user even compared this product to a similar one and said it was a thousand times better and easier to use.

Highly Recommended !!!


Best Value
Powerful.. And Effective...
Clears and unblocks all toilets and U-bends using a powerful bellows action. 100% effective in use or your money back


This product is designed with a purpose in mind and offers excellent value for money and is priced very affordably.

It’s a clever product and one that is proven to work with a long list of customer’s…

Verdict: Buy It

We think every household should have this powerful plunger tool as a standby product…

Click here to buy the Luigi Toilet Plunger Tool on Amazon and get super fast delivery today….



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