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Drain Buster Powerful Suction Plunger…UPDATED


Welcome to our Drain Buster Powerful Suction Plunger Review….

Drain buster powerful suction plungerOn this page we are going to take a closer look at a powerful suction plunger. And find out just how good it is… and how easy it is to use.

When a toilet… sink or bathroom plughole gets blocked, for whatever reason, we need to get them unclogged as soon as possible.

The thing is… Will this Drain Buster Powerful Suction Plunger help you do that? And do it without leaving a mess in your bathroom or your kitchen?

If you have to unblock the pipe yourself… a task not many people like doing… simply because it can be messy and because of the smells associated with it… you want a tool that is versatile and will do the job, and do it quickly.

Well the good news is that this Drain Buster Plunger is powerful, and very easy to use. Customers online are raving about it. In comparison to other plungers and products they have used before… to unblock toilet pipes and sink plugholes etc.

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Drain Buster Powerful Suction Plunger

How Easy Is It To Use?

Product Description:

This suction plunger has a powerful plunging action… it clears drains and waste pipes quickly without leaving a mess. That’s good news for you or anyone looking to use this tool to unclog any stubborn blocked pipes.

It’s revolutionary design helps deliver the power necessary to shift trapped hairs and soap buildup. This is what accumulates in shower drains… and bath or sink plugholes over time.

The tool includes two Inter-changeable plunger cups that attaches to fit any size opening.. such as a toilet or a sink plughole.

This Powerful Multi-Drain Suction Plunger will unclog any toilet, a bathtub or sink plughole. Even hairs that get trapped in the shower drain can be cleared away with a blast of air just by using this amazing tool.

What Size Is It? 

Drain Buster Powerful Suction PlungerWhen fully extended this plunger tool measures 25.2 inches in length with a 4 inch wide handle at the top to get your hand in.

The length of the vacuum pipe dredge is 15.7 inches…

Designed with speed of use in mind and manufactured using safe natural materials.

The plunger is made of natural rubber that is tough and durable in use.

Drain Buster Powerful Suction Plunger

How Does The XREXS Suction Plunger Work?

It works on the principle of creating a vacuum. When it’s being used to unclog any toilet or kitchen sink plughole..

Even a shower drain or bathroom plughole is accessible using this tool… it doesn’t matter. It will tackle all of them. Simply because that is what the tool has been designed to do.

And it does that job well… provided you use the suction plunger exactly how the manufacturer’s say to use it. It really is so easy to use you can’t fail to get results by using it.

The vacuum is created with a pump action. It is powerful to use… and it helps the user to clear pipes that are clogged up.

Most blockages in home plumbing consist of food and oil waste buildup in the kitchen sink pipe. Hair and soap buildup in the shower drain and bathroom plugholes.

And toilet’s get blocked either because too much toilet paper was used before flushing… or wet wipes and small kids toys can get trapped in the toilet U-bend.

And that’s where this power tool comes in handy… it will unclog any waste that’s trapped in home plumbing.

What’s In The Box?

You get a Powerful Drain Suction Plunger with 2 different size suction cups. One large suction cup for a toilet and a smaller cup to tackle sinks and bathroom plugholes etc.

Customer Opinions?

Looking at the customer opinions of the Drain Buster Powerful Suction Plunger, this product has some good feedback with a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon…


Best Value
Versatile...& Powerful
Try this tool for size.. Use it to safely unblock toilets..kitchen sinks.. bathroom plugholes & shower drains


With 81 percent of people giving 4 and 5 star reviews and a small selection have given only 1 star feedback. And some customer’s have returned their purchase because of slight damage during delivery.

Drain Buster Powerful Suction Plunger

Verdict: Highly Recommended

This tool is a compressed air plunger. When it’s being used properly, a powerful suction is created. Whether you are using it to unblock a toilet in your home, a kitchen sink plughole or a shower drain, this tool will help keep pipes clear and water flowing.

We like that it’s very easy to use… and that it does exactly what the manufacturer’s say it will do.

If you are looking for a powerful suction plunger for home use, and you want a tool that works fast… this is a tool we do recommend.

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