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How To Unclog A Kitchen Sink


how to unclog a kitchen sink

Hi There…. Today we are going to show you how to unclog a kitchen sink and do it as quickly and easily as possible. We will be showing you a few of the best tried and tested methods that do work, and they bring quick results.

Some of the methods can be started in minutes, and others will require a little more of your time. But all we ask is that you be a little patient if the first method we show you, is not a successful one.

If you are ok with that, then we will begin by revealing why you have a clogged kitchen sink, to begin with?

What Clogs Up Your Kitchen Sink?

  • A grease or cooking oil build up in the waste pipe that’s accumulated over a period of time.
  • Trapped hair and soap scum are other possible causes of a blocked pipe.
  • Small pieces of food waste get caught in the U-bend and will need to be removed a.s.a.p.

Those three above are the common causes of all pipe blocks in the home. And the good news is we have a solution for you today. Just follow our easy d.i.y instructions listed below and get your solution:

How To Unclog A Kitchen Sink Today

how to unclog a kitchen sinkThe good news is that if the techniques we reveal below work for you, then you won’t need the services of a plumber. And you’ll save yourself a small fortune at the same time. And if that sounds good to you, we will continue… It’s a good idea before you start to use gloves, for your hand protection. Because it can get messy unblocking a kitchen sink.

Follow These Instructions To Help Unclog Your Kitchen Sink:

Method 1:

If the water in the bowl is slow-draining, or not going anywhere, you probably have a completely blocked pipe. And this is the worst case scenario for anyone… but there is no need to panic !!!

Because this can be resolved easily…. if you have a good kitchen sink plunger place this over the plug hole. And use it to create suction in the pipe … you will feel movement if this works after a few minutes of use…

Spend a little time doing this until there is movement in the water level… A vortex will result from this action, causing the water to rush freely down the pipe? If it has, that’s a result and hopefully, the blockage has now released itself.

If there is still water in the sink, and it’s not draining away, you need to try method number two. Which is another tried and tested one…. Please dispose of any water that’s in the sink, into a separate bowl or bucket for now…

How To Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

Method 2:

How to unclog a sinkMoving onto the baking soda and vinegar method… first, pour some soda down your plug hole, and follow this with some vinegar.

Wait about five minutes or so, while it fizzes away and get’s to work, and when the time comes, pour some hot water into the hole on top of it. If it has worked it’s magic, and released the clog inside, that’s good news for you…

Try pouring water down the plug hole…. Is there any movement? If that hasn’t worked, try the method again, but leave the mixture in the pipe for a little longer.

When the time comes, pour some more hot water down the pipe again, and hopefully, this second attempt is a victory for you, and your sink tap water is now running freely again down the plug hole.

If that’s not the case, and the blockage is still intact, then you will need to use a wire coat hanger, and make a makeshift hook out of it.

Use this tool here to reach into the kitchen sink plug-hole and possibly try and remove any waste buildup that has accumulated over time.

It has to be fairly long to reach in and feel around… if this brings little results for the time spent, then I’m afraid it’s now time to gain access to the U-bend under the kitchen sink.

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How To Unclog A Kitchen Sink

Method 3:

Once you have access to the waste pipe, have a bowl or bucket ready to catch any remaining water that’s still in the system.

The water will run out when you start undoing the connections. If they are tight, you will most likely need a wrench or a similar tool to release the U-bend, and get access to the inside of the pipe, to enable removal of any food waste or hair and soap build-up.

Wear protective gloves when doing this, and try to remove as much as possible of what you find in there, into a bowl or waste bag.

It’s a messy job and it is usually a last resort when there is a clog in your home plumbing system.

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On this page we have gone into great detail and provided the most relevant information that is available today. About kitchen sinks and pipe blockages. We hope the information we have provided has helped you and it solved your problem.

All the best tools and techniques you can use to unclog any pipe in your home or work space are revealed on this page. We listed them because they continue to work for anyone who uses them. And they will work for you.

Thank you for reading our post today about…  How To Unclog A Kitchen Sink

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