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How To Unblock A Toilet Naturally.. UPDATED


How To Unblock A Toilet Naturally

On this page today we are going to show you how to unblock a toilet naturally…. by revealing a multitude of popular methods that are proven to work. And they are quick and effective methods, for the most part. Some of the tricks we show you on this page may not work for you, the first time you use them.  They may not work for you at all, even after a few attempts..

It really depends on how bad the blockage is? And where it is located in the system. If your toilet pipe is properly clogged up… then you may want to try the techniques that we have listed for you here on this page.

Don’t give up… or get frustrated. We have all the best techniques and products to use, listed below. We will show you how to safely unblock a toilet pipe…. So with all that being said, let’s begin now, and find you a solution…

Easy Method 1:

Our first method involves using the baking soda and vinegar method, which is very popular and effective in use. This technique can be quick and it may work first time. If it does… the toilet waste will clear away and water will run freely. Or it could take a little longer. Maybe even an hour or so, to unclog your toilet. You may even have to leave it overnight, for the soda fizz to work it’s magic?

Hopefully, that will not be the case. But it really depends on the type of blockage. Is it a soft one or a hard block? A hard one will take longer to resolve… You may be unsuccessful trying to clear it, especially if a kids toy or something similar has fallen into the toilet bowl, and you just can’t see it. You might need to have a feel around inside the toilet first, before trying any of the tricks on our list.

How To Unblock A Toilet Naturally

If there is something solid stuck in the U-bend of the toilet, that is causing the blockage, it will need to be removed. If it’s a slow draining toilet, that is a good sign. Because it means the water inside is at least moving. There might be some toilet paper or discarded wet wipes slowing down the release of water down the back pipe.

These waste materials can be removed fairly easily using our first method. The Baking Soda & Vinegar Trick. Or you can try using a long rubber glove.. or a plastic bag with your arm inside it. And then begin by feeling around inside the toilet for a blockage or a hard object that is causing obstruction. That is a method not many people will want to do, to be honest with you.

Now… if there is nothing that resembles a small child’s toy or similar stuck in the S-bend of the toilet, and the water is slow moving, you can start to use EASY METHOD 1 from the list we have below…

How To Use The Baking Soda And Vinegar Method: 

All you will be doing is using two everyday items that are normally readily available in your home. You will be mixing them both together effectively, and using the results of that to cure the problem. THIS IS SO EASY TO DO… when you know how it’s done!!!

Baking soda and vinegar can be used as powerful household cleaning agents. They are safe to use, natural everyday items. Which when combined together will fizz up in the toilet bowl. And this action will help to release a clog that has been stubborn to deal with, up to now.

So this method is a good one to use. It’s very popular. Especially if you don’t have an effective toilet plunger in your bathroom at this precise moment.

Once these two items have been added to the inside of the toilet, a decent volume of hot water can be poured in carefully, afterwards. Just to help fully flush the clog away, if the soda and vinegar trick has worked it’s magic. If it has not, try it for a second time, for even better results.  Why? Because results is what you are after…. Don’t give up at the first attempt !!!

How To Unblock A Toilet Naturally

Easy Method 1:

  1. For a slow running toilet use 1/2 a cup of baking soda and pour it into the toilet bowl. And then pour the vinegar in slowly and carefully, while watching for any chance of the mixture rising up and over the toilet bowl. The best way is to take it slow …. or you could end up mopping the bathroom floor as a result.
  2. Leave this mixture in the bowl for at least 25 minutes for it to get to work on the blockage…. with a bit of luck the water level in the bowl will recede.. and if it has that’s a good sign… and it’s working…
  3. After waiting at least 25 minutes pour in a good measure of hot water (not boiling) from a kettle. Or use hot water from a bathroom tap. And pour it slowly into the toilet so it flushes the baking soda mix down the waste pipe. The hot water will help break up any soft blockages, that do occur from time to time.

If this easy trick has worked… and your toilet system is now back to normal, that is good news for you. And you can now get on with the rest of your day. If not, you can repeat this method once again, because it really does work. Or, you can skip it for now… and move on to our 2nd trick.

How To Unblock A Toilet

The Hot Water Method:

Easy Method 2:

Only use hot water from a bathroom tap or faucet, and not hot boiling water, which is too hot for enamel toilets. Or you may cause a split or crack to appear in the toilet bowl… and you don’t want that to happen !!!

This 2nd trick is a complete no-brainer… It’s environmentally friendly and it works every time. But only if the toilet bowl is not completely clogged up, and the water in it is at least moving, even if it is slow… You can use hot water from the bathroom tap to help get things moving along.

Either heat up the kettle from your kitchen a few times and fill a bucket…. or get the hot water directly from the tap in your bathroom if you can… and pour it straight down the toilet. It will mix with the cold water already in there… try this until a proper flush cycle is possible. If this method is going to work it will be quick…

This hot water trick will definitely help to weaken any soft blockage in a toilet pipe at home, or in the workplace. Keep the hot water method going until you have a breakthrough…. or you can move on to the next one on the list…

How To Unblock A Toilet Naturally

Hot Water And Washing Up Liquid:

Easy Method 3:

Our next trick is to repeat the process of using hot water. But this time pour in some liquid soap or washing up liquid first. And you are to leave this mix in the toilet bowl for at least 20 minutes or so for it to dilute and work it’s magic. When that time has passed, pour in some hot water from the bathroom tap or faucet, and use the weight of this liquid to push through the blockage.

If the washing liquid method has worked, your toilet should now be flushing properly again. If it is, this is a result and you can now move on with the rest of your day.

We have discussed a few of the best techniques that you can use right now, to easily unclog a toilet bowl. If you have tried all three methods listed here, and you still have a toilet that will not flush properly… it may be time to call in a qualified local plumber as your last resort.

Or contact a neighbour or friend and seek out a method or two from them.. that they may have used successfully in the past. If you haven’t purchased one already… may we suggest this brilliant toilet plunger here on Amazon… it is a bestseller with over 4255 customer reviews and 80% of them are 5 stars… we think every household in the land should have one of these handy tools on standby.

Because you never know when it will come in handy for you in the event of an emergency. Thank you for reading our page today about How To Unblock A Toilet Naturally.

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