How To Unblock A Toilet


How to unblock a toilet

A Clogged Toilet can occur at any time and using too much toilet paper is usually the main cause of the blockage. The toilet paper absorbs a lot more water and that makes it more difficult to get a quick flush down the waste pipe. Sometimes it may take two good flushes to clear the contents away. It’s also quite common for newspaper – baby wipes – old cloths and even small kids toys to get stuck down there. These items continue to be found by plumbers when they are called out to residential properties to unblock a toilet.

Please do not use any of those items listed above and expect to flush them down the toilet. Especially newspaper or cloths without them clogging up your toilet system. It can cost you a lot of money with plumber call-out and labour charges. The plumber will have to find out exactly where the toilet blockage is and then remove that obstacle completely. There are various methods that can be used in order to bring about a return to a normal flush cycle. Using a high quality toilet plunger can help you in most cases. Or you can use a different tool altogether, such as a toilet auger.

Using a toilet plunger can be a messy solution to this frequent problem. And unfortunately using a cheap quality toilet plunger is not going to help you. Most probably it will fail to unblock your toilet and leave you frustrated in the process. Or it may even break down in use. But using a flexible length of strong plastic tubing or hose-pipewhich is freely available nowadays, is a very useful method indeed to help unclog a toilet. The tubing or hose-pipe must be at least a metre in length so that you don’t have to get in too close to the action – so to speak.

Flexible pvc tubing is a very safe tool to use and will not damage your toilet in any way. And it will easily push through most obstacles that are likely to block up your toilet. Except of course a small kids toy – cloths or even soggy newspaper that could be trapped in the back-pipe. In an area where they can’t be seen so easily. Those items will have to be removed a.s.a.p if they are blocking up the pipe completely. And this is when a toilet auger tool comes in handy if you have one available to use.

Or you can of course use a black bag or bin-liner with your hand inside it and use that easy method to unblock a toilet. It’s an easy option that you can use. But its not a method that many people will use to be honest with you because it is messy. But I thought I would mention it all the same. All these methods below show you how to un-stop a toilet. If you don’t have a plunger – no worries.                 Check-out the 3 video demos below. They work a treat to help you unblock a toilet.

How To Unblock A Toilet

Using a  toilet auger  or plumbing snake is a far more successful method in how to unblock a toilet. And in a reasonably quick time if I may say so. This type of tool has been used with great success by a lot more people. So don’t be afraid to use one to help you unblock your toilet at home. Also using chemicals or solvents to unclog a toilet is another option that you can use successfully.

Again this can be a quick method to free-up your toilet system and bring it back into service. Please read the instructions on the label of the product before using any of these chemicals and always aim for a well – ventilated room. With fresh air circulating constantly.

And if needed wear a face mask to minimize breathing in the chemical vapours which begin on impact with the contents in the toilet etc. Also wear a pair of clean gloves for hand protection. It’s important that you follow the instructions above for your own health and safety. Eye protection must also be used to avoid any water splashes into your eyes when using the plastic bag method or the toilet plunger.

Toilet Ninja liquid toilet un-blocker is also a very useful product to unblock your toilet. Has a pleasant scent and is also non corrosive with easy to follow instructions.

How To Unblock A Toilet

If any of these toilet unblocking methods fail to bring about a return to a normal flush cycle, then you will have to do a drain block survey. Simply because you must locate the offending obstacle that’s causing the blockage. Firstly, check the drains outside the property. Find the nearest one and if possible lift up the cover. If the drain chamber is empty then that’s ok and the real blockage is closer to the toilet.

Probably there is a blockage in the back pipe. But if the drain is blocked with water and other waste material and it’s going nowhere, it will need unblocking as soon as possible. If you have a top quality  drain cleaning kit  or drain rods you can always do the work yourself.

Or you may even know someone who can lend you a set. A friend perhaps who has a drain-cleaning kit. This will save you a small fortune on plumber call-out charges in the long term. Because a drain can get blocked again if waste material such as baby wipes, newspaper or cloth are allowed to build up over time . Top quality drain un-blocker’s are always available to buy in your local D.I.Y stores such as B&Q etc.

Online giant Amazon has the largest collection of any retailer. Some of the best products available to help clean out blocked drains and pipes quickly and efficiently by simply following instructions on the product label.

How To Unblock A Toilet

The method used in the first video demonstration above uses only a strong flexible plastic tube or pipe about 3 feet in length and up to an inch in diameter. It’s just another way to unblock a toilet without a plunger. It is easier to unblock a toilet doing it this way as you are standing up and not bending over !! It works practically every time provided there is no serious blockage in the U-bend before the down pipe. A strong flexible tube has a better chance of breaking through blockages to unclog a toilet quickly without leaving much water around the toilet base. But its still advisable to use some old cloths or newspapers around the base of the toilet to minimize any over-spill when flushing.

How To Unblock A Toilet

Have a clean pair of gloves ready for your hand protection and a small bucket or bowl for scooping out water if at all necessary. All the methods described on this page are proven to work and are better than trying to unblock a toilet with a coat hanger. All depends on how serious your toilet blockage is and where it is in the system. Hopefully one or all of these methods will work for you to get your toilet system back to normal service as quickly as possible.

So that you don’t have to call out your local plumber in a hurry. It’s really not difficult to unblock a toilet at all when you think about it. We have access to so many of the best toilet blockage tools and techniques available. They are there to help us make the task easier and quicker. Whether you decide to have a go yourself or leave it to someone else is entirely your choice.

How to unblock a toilet as quickly as possible has an urgency about it today. Just because many households may have only one toilet and multiple occupants living within the property. If you can’t unblock a toilet as quickly as possible in that situation a phone call to your local plumber really does becomes a necessity.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. I hope the information above has been of help to you in some way. Feel free to leave a comment below just to let me know if any of the methods above have been of help in showing you quickly How To Unblock A Toilet !!!


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4 thoughts on “How To Unblock A Toilet

  1. mary

    thanks l was able to unblock mine within three hours. i used soap and hot water

    1. Richard

      Using the soap and hot water method is an option, but in this instance it’s taken three hours to unblock your toilet. That’s time wasted when there are faster methods available to you to unblock a toilet.

    2. Aline Huntly

      Thanks Richard. I tried a plunger and soap & hot water and nothing has worked so next stop closet augur…

      1. Richard Saunders Post author

        The hose-pipe or plastic tube method is very effective most of the time. It will unclog your toilet fairly quickly. Have you tried those methods?


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